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Scaling is Like Boiling the Ocean with Robbie Butchart from LaunchCode

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074 Scaling is Like Boiling the Ocean with Robbie Butchart from LaunchCode

Robbie Butchart is the Chief Revenue Officer & Partner at LaunchCode - a full-service development company focused on helping clients accomplish their visions. Robbie boasts a 15-year career as a sales professional. His approach is focused on working within organizations from an entrepreneurial mindset and loving the diversity and excitement each day brings.

In today’s episode, we discuss how you go from being the first sales employee to scaling the business and growing a sales team from scratch. Robbie shares why he feels scaling is like boiling the ocean and the reasons why most sales leaders fail at building a team. 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why most sales leaders struggle with building an efficient team
  • What it’s like to be the first sales employee in a company
  • How struggling in sales can make you a better salesperson
  • The foundations of purposeful prospecting 
  • Best practices for reaching out to successful people
  • Team structure and effective ways to organize a team 
  • How to bring excitement to operational efficiency
  • Ways to build a repeatable and scalable sales process

Most people assume all it takes to build and scale a sales team is putting up job advertisements online and hiring qualified candidates. However, as Robbies explains, hiring is the easy part, but you still need a process and a foundation for future scaling, because salespeople rarely spend two years in an organization. 

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“The easiest way to scale a team is to build a process that a team can get ingested into.”

“Scaling a sales team will have bumps and bruises as you get through it all. So embrace them because that's how you learn.”

“Nobody out there can do exactly what you can do. But having a well-defined process is close enough.”