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About Hamish

It’s fair to say people notice when I walk into a room.

Partly because I’m 6’7” (yes, I played high school basketball), but mostly because it’s clear I’m there to support whomever else is in that room.

It is high school where this value – this daily drive to support others achieve – came from. Growing up in small town B.C., there was seemingly one thing to do. Okay, two. Either play in OR watch men’s hockey, especially the local Junior B team! For the one newspaper, it was the same story after story after story. Not a lot of option for insight variety.

Two things didn’t sit right with me. First, there were actually other sports in this town! I myself coached youth soccer and the women’s high school basketball team. And second, why weren’t we hearing about these other teams? We all knew there was more than what was currently being told. So, I launched my own local sports column to share these other insights.

What I did not expect was the reaction. People loved hearing the other stories. The wins and celebrations of all teams; their lessons and achievements; the insights from games lost; the growth of individuals across seasons.

More than that, this column became a tool. A tool for us all to celebrate teams and athletes who would otherwise go unnoticed and unreported.

It’s been years since I wrote this column, yet I continue to write and support my clients by focusing on how to be one percent better every day. An ongoing journey dedicated to reinforcing learnings through support and celebration of all achievements, big or small, for my clients. For my colleagues. For my family. For myself.

This is who I am. A person who actively lives my values of celebration, support, achievement, and learning. A guide and mirror for others looking to do the same to grow their one percent each day.

If you believe my values are the ones to get you the results you want and if you’re an executive, business owner, or entrepreneur, call me at 403-457-1507.

In my free time I am an active mentor with Futurpreneur Canada, am a Maple Leaf Club donor to Enactus Canada and a volunteer judge for regional and national student entrepreneur competitions.

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