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Components of a Successful Inside Sales Team with Kevin Gaither

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076 Components of a Successful Inside Sales Team with Kevin Gaither

Kevin Gaither is an Inside Sales Expert on a mission to help leaders at early-stage tech startups avoid mistakes when building or scaling their sales teams while growing revenues. He loves sharing his expertise and experience from over 25 years of sales leadership. When you learn from Kevin, expect to get experience and not fluffy opinions.

In today's episode, we discuss how sales leaders can build and scale successful inside sales teams from scratch. Kevin also shares some best practices for onboarding and training new sales teams.

What You'll Learn:

  • What is inside sales?
  • How to build a successful inside sales team to support an early-stage startup
  • The best places to find inside sales reps
  • What is the most important trait in a salesperson?
  • Mistakes to avoid when hiring inside salespeople
  • Kevin's 4-step method for effectively onboarding a sales rep
  • How to manage performance and set realistic expectations
  • The fine line between micromanagement and expectation setting

Many startups are making inside sales a priority, because they understand that they need to create new teams and upgrade their customer engagement processes to attract able investors. However, the trick is to hire the right people and not screw it up during the onboarding process, which is what Kevin helps us understand how to do.  

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  • "Why is sales important in startups? VC firms will not invest in a company if you don't have a strategy that includes going to market."