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Beware the Boogie Prospect!

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063 Beware the Boogie Prospect!

Should salespeople have fun when selling? The simple answer is Yes! Salespeople should enjoy selling and have fun when interacting with their prospects and clients. When we're having fun, we're typically relaxed and looking to have a good time. On the other hand, when we're not having fun, we get super tense and nervous, and our prospects can feel the discomfort from our unsettling vibes.

In today's episode, we'll go through simple strategies you can implement to help your salespeople have more fun when interacting with prospects and clients. We'll also cover the mindset it takes to build purposeful conversation every time you interact with a prospect. 

What You'll Learn:

  • How to help your salespeople enjoy the sales process
  • Why salespeople need to prioritise buyer safety
  • The difference between a sales call and a purposeful conversation
  • Days of the macho salesperson are long gone
  • How tension and nervousness are costing you deals
  • Purpose and objectives of a pre-call sales plan
  • Major components of an efficient pre-call plan
  • Why you don't need to know everything to excel in sales

Nervousness and anxiety are what's keeping you from being successful in sales. The root cause of your anxiety is usually fear that you won't close the sale, or that the prospect will see right through your imposter syndrome. To overcome nervousness and fear, you need to enjoy the selling process and practice strategies that help you gain confidence in your selling abilities.

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  • "When your salespeople are having fun in all their sales calls, they're going to be more relaxed, more confident, and more likely to close the sale.”