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The Ballad of a Cowardly Salesperson

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061 The Ballad of a Cowardly Salesperson

Most salespeople are cowards. They may look and act tough, but deep down, they're afraid of tackling key business development tasks. No salesperson wants to be called a coward, but that is exactly what most salespeople are. Cowardice in sales is a real problem for one simple reason: fear of rejection leads to missed opportunities and, therefore, a giant waste of time and money.

In today's episode, I'll share with you the tale of the cowardly salesperson, as well as some ideas on how sales leaders can instil courage and bravery in the members of their sales team.

What You'll Learn:

  • Do you have cowardly salespeople on your team?
  • Why most salespeople are afraid of business development
  • The insecurities of selling
  • How to stretch your team's comfort zone
  • Biggest red flags in salespeople you should never ignore
  • Why you need to celebrate the small wins in your team
  • The three phases of sales engagement
  • The innate human need for recognition

Here's the best-kept secret to successful selling: it doesn't take guts to prospect, sell, or build client relationships. You just need a strategy.

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  • "Celebrate the small wins with your team, because it's in celebrating the small wins that change actually takes effect."