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How to Build a Healthy Channel Funnel with Adriann Haney from Bongo

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072 How to Build a Healthy Channel Funnel with Adriann Haney from Bongo

Adriann Haney is the VP of Business Development - Corporate Learning at Bongo, a sales readiness tool that helps managers accurately assess and validate skills across their team. She is a seasoned sales professional with 20+ years experience across the entire sales cycle. Adriann has continuously demonstrated selling and relationship management skills with the ability to meet and exceed assigned financial and customer satisfaction goals. 

In today's episode, we'll discuss how sales leaders can create full funnel freedom, expand revenue growth, and drive sales through channel sales. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • What is channel sales, and why does it matter?
  • The difference between a healthy funnel and a full funnel 
  • Early warning signs of a sick funnel
  • Consequences of not having a fat and squishy funnel
  • The importance of coaching your salespeople on how to create a reliable channel funnel
  • The difference and similarities between channel sales and direct sales
  • How to create alignment between marketing, sales, and product
  • Ways to create immediate success in channel sales
  • Pros and cons of channel sales

Sales is about driving revenue. Revenue growth will always be hindered by time. It doesn't matter how efficient a sales team is, their productivity will ultimately hit a limit. Then you have two choices: either hire more team members or form a channel sales partnership, where a company sells products through another company's sales team. 

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"Success in channel sales is about letting go of the wrong things. You’ll only feel better letting things go when you're more confident with what you have." - Adriann Haney