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Desperately Seeking Sales Professionals?

Alaant Workforce Solutions Speaks “Sales”

Count on Alaant Workforce Solutions to Recruit Your Next Top Sales Professional.

Your organization’s success depends on selling your products or services. To do that, you need to put the right sales team in place – and we excel at making that happen. We’ve hired hundreds of salespeople that know how to open doors, cultivate and close business, and drive revenue.


The right recruiting strategy.

  • Tapping into an extensive network of sales talent
  • Proactively sourcing passive candidates to find hidden talent
  • Pre-screening and identifying right-fit candidates
  • Employing predictive analytic tools to qualify top candidates
  • Expediting the interview process
  • Offering comprehensive background screenings
  • Providing a 90-day guarantee for all hires

The right recruiting experts.

Our Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Lauren Valentine, has more than a decade of expertise and experience:

  • Working closely with business owners and leaders to build, expand, and grow high-performance sales teams
  • Delivering skills training to hundreds of sales professionals and leaders as a consultant for a national professional development organization
  • Hiring and building a sales team that drove significant revenue growth as national sales manager for a global product distributor
  • Hiring numerous sales professionals, from entry-level to senior leadership positions, as a recruiter working with regional and national clients of all sizes, across multiple industries

Ready to save time and money while hiring the sales professionals your organization needs? Schedule an appointment with Lauren today!