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Coaching Sellers to Give Reasons for their Recommendations

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The key to keeping our funnels full is our sellers maintaining their credibility throughout the sales cycle - from 'Hi, nice to meet you' to 'Looking forward to working with you.' Sales people are only trusted by 6% of the population. Think back to the last time you dealt with a salesperson. You probably had similar thoughts. You can be certain your buyers are.

In today's episode, we'll cover actionable tactics to overcome that lack of trust.

What You'll Learn: 

  • Examples of how to coach your sellers to give reasons for your recommendations.
  • Why people will accept a request - when there is a reason included.
  • How to accomplish this via text-based communications.
  • How to frame recommendations.
  • How to follow up after the recommendation.
  • How to avoid the buyer's cold shoulder.

Letting your buyer know that your recommendations are in their best interest is crucial to a good working relationship. And, if you are looking for recommendations that are in your sales organization’s best interest, give us a call.



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