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What if we didn't have to?

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There's many tasks in the selling process that are "have to" but are they really?

You've heard it before. "We HAVE TO go through procurement." "We HAVE TO go through the RFP process" "We HAVE TO update this deck for the meeting." Our sellers' buying process has been made intentionally cumbersome to weed out low-energy sellers, and to commoditize the products or services you are selling.

In today's episode we'll cover ways to work around those "have to" to get to the buyers who matter.

What You'll Learn: 

  • How to develop champions inside your buyer's organization.
  • When to respond to RFPs - and when not to.
  • What it means if you get an RFP out of the blue.
  • why sellers love to work on bids.
  • Why you might need to submit an RFP even if you don't want the business.
  • How to determine if something is ACTUALLY a have to, or if it's just busywork.

As sales leaders, we need to challenge our sellers when they say that we "have to" do something. And, if you need help sorting through that list, we are here to help.


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