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Creating Alignment with Our Sellers with Jason Swanson from Patronscan

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Training our sales teams often comes down to a series of "light-switch moments." Moments where individuals on our teams need to look inside of themselves and identify what they are actually capible of accomplishing. Jason Swanson, VP of growth at Patrons lives for these moments. He uses his experience as a former football coach to get his teams all moving in the same direction, and empowers the individuals to understand what truely is possible. 

In today's episode, we'll cover what kind of coaching is effective for both types of sellers. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • What are the top hurdles sales managers face with their staff?
  • Can an individual be awesome at every stage of the sale?
  • The three types of people you need on your sales team.
  • how to inspire all three types of people on your team.
  • Why fear isn't the best motovator for a sales team.
  • The value of understanding each person's personal goals.
  • What can sales managers learn from sports coaches.
  • What are the five elements of successful sellers.
  • The value of gamification.
  • Why we need to detach ourselves from the outcomes.

Creating alignment with your sellers isn't impossible, but it does take a coach.  And, if you need help with your coaching, give us a call


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