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Quality Trumps Quantity in the Funnel with Chris Black from Jolera

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054 Quality Trumps Quantity in the Funnel with Chris Black from Jolera

Chris Black is the Chief Revenue Officer at Jolera, and a passionate business leader with recognised expertise in building high-performance teams driven by a commitment to customer success. He focuses on the delicate symphony of people, processes, and technology to drive exceptional results. 

In today’s episode, we discuss the benefits of building a sales process based on proactive sales activities, and how focusing on quality over quantity results in consistently, reliably full funnels.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The value of quality over quantity in sales
  • The Measurement-Inspection-Accountability sales strategy
  • How to keep your team accountable without micromanagement
  • The importance of implementing performance improvement plans 
  • Proactive actions that create full funnel freedom 
  • Why are most salespeople afraid to ask for help?
  • The curse of knowledge in sales
  • Chris’ advice to his younger self on how to become better at sales
  • The most effective sales discovery process

If you’ve been in sales for a while, you’ll have noticed that meaningful engagements with prospects are far more influential than cold call volume. While it’s tempting to assume more prospects, leads, and cold calls are the keys to success in sales, the quality of your funnel is even more important. The effort you put into building a high-quality funnel will be far more useful in the long run than filling the pipeline with unqualified leads.

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  • “The more I pushed the maximum size of my funnel, the more I found that the quality was inconsistent.” - Chris Black