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Our Sales People Can't Damage a Relationship That Does Not Exist

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047 Our Salespeople Can't Damage Relationships That Don't Exist

Your salespeople's biggest fear is not that they will "damage" a client relationship; your salespeople are afraid that the relationship they think they have with a prospect or client might not exist at all. But here's the thing; your salespeople can't damage relationships that don't exist. And until they assert their right to ask questions, the relationship will only ever exist in their heads. 

What You'll Learn:

  • How salespeople can create strong relationships with prospects
  • Why salespeople need to stop assuming their relationships with prospects
  • Building rapport and trust in sales
  • Tips to get prospects to tell you the truth
  • Key indicators of genuine sales relationships
  • The foundations of a long-lasting client relationship
  • Why a true relationship transcends the sales interaction

A genuine relationship is a give-and-take interaction between two parties. Yet, that's not usually the case for most salespeople. They will assume a relationship exists when the prospect/client answers their calls, returns their voicemail, or agrees to set up meetings with them. But that's just an indicator that your salesperson needs coaching.

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  • "A true client relationship transcends the sales interaction."