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What is *deep* listening for sales leaders with oscar trimboli

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This week, we have Oscar Trimboli on the show to talk about listening for sales leaders. Oscar is a bestselling author of ‘Deep Listening’ and the host of an award-winning Apple podcast by the same title. Through his work, Oscar uses the gift of listening to bring positive changes to homes, workplaces, and cultures worldwide. 

What You'll Learn:

- The importance of listening skills for sales leaders

- The five main levels of listening

- Understanding the art and science of listening

- What is system-oriented listening?

- Why leaders should always listen for context instead of listening for content

- The benefits of giving your team freedom to come up with ideas

- How to listen for the unsaid

- The differential between speaking speed and thinking speed

They say communication is 50% speaking and 50% listening. But why is listening never taught in leadership training programs? Only 2% of leaders have ever received training on how to listen. This is so unfortunate, because leaders typically spend at least 64% of their day listening. If you want a faster career progression, you better learn how to listen and be willing to receive new information.


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