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Dating Advice That's Applicable to Leading a Sales Team

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053 Dating Advice That's Applicable to Leading a Sales Team

What's the number one piece of advice you'd give your teenage daughters about dating? Can that advice translate into selling and sales leadership advice?  

A business owner friend of mine shared a story about his anxiety when his daughters matured into dating age. He didn't know what he would say to her, so he reached out to another business owner with an older daughter. His advice was simple, "Tell them not to listen to what the boys say; watch what they do." 

Tune in to learn how that statement translates to sales, and why sales leaders need to watch their team members’ actions instead of listening to what they say. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Dating advice that's applicable to leading a sales team
  • Watch actions, not words, when managing salespeople
  • Why approval-seeking behavior often leads to broken promises
  • How to hold your team accountable
  • Why it's better to be respected than liked
  • The benefits of embracing the trust-but-verify approach
  • The first step to building trust is setting clear expectations and consequences

You're probably familiar with the overused cliche, "Actions speak louder than words." The general reasoning behind this expression is that we should judge people by what they do, not by what they say. The same is true for dating as well as sales leadership. 


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  • "It's much better to be respected than to be liked. Being liked feels good at the moment. But respect is long term."