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Better to create demand than fulfill Demand

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049 Better to Create Demand Than Fulfill Demand

Is your sales strategy built around creating demand or fulfilling demand? Do your customers come to you believing you can solve all their problems, or do you hound them with calls hoping to close a meeting? Tune in to learn why it’s better to create demand than fulfill demand in sales. Discover how sales leaders can squash limiting beliefs such as the seasons of prospecting fallacy. 

What You'll Learn:

  • The difference between demand creation and demand fulfillment 
  • How to create demand for your product or service
  • Limiting beliefs and how they impact your team's success
  • How to get past the seasons of prospecting fallacy
  • Your prospects will always have problems that need fixing
  • How to improve your credibility using strategic questions

Although used interchangeably, demand creation and demand fulfillment are totally different sales approaches. The most important question is, which business are you in? As a sales leader, it's crucial that your team operates from a demand creation standpoint, because to really grow your business, you need to stop fulfilling demand and start creating it.

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  • "The problem with focusing too much on the future is that people often don't notice there's a problem in the present."