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Avoiding Conflict With Our Salespeople's Self-Limiting Beliefs

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057 Avoiding Conflict With Our Salespeople's Self-Limiting Beliefs

As salespeople, we know that the right mindset is essential for success. It doesn't matter how exciting your product or service is or how big your funnel is; if your salespeople are holding on to self-limiting beliefs, you'll likely close fewer deals. While it's your duty to help your team deal with these self-limiting beliefs, pointing them out can lead to conflict. You need to be smart by understanding where these beliefs come from and why they're so powerful.

In today's episode, we discuss how to effectively respond to your salespeople's self-limiting beliefs and help them discover a new path forward.

What You'll Learn:

  • The most common limiting beliefs in sales teams
  • How to avoid conflict when addressing your team's self-limiting beliefs
  • How to ask better questions
  • The benefits of having a solution-oriented conversation
  • Practical tips on how to respond instead of reacting
  • Divine intervention and how beliefs limit a salesperson's success

All salespeople have beliefs. When these beliefs are positive, you can expect positive sales outcomes. But when they are negative, sales success is almost impossible. When a salesperson consistently comes up with excuses to justify their lack of results, it's time to look at their beliefs. 

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  • "There is no magic bullet fixing your salespeople's limiting beliefs. But you can use questions to get to the real information faster."