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Welcome to the Full Funnel Freedom Podcast

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This is the full funnel freedom podcast, supporting sales leaders, and managers to improve their sales funnels from people to prospects. I'm Hamish Knox. In this show, you'll learn how you can improve your results. Lead a great team and hit more targets with full funnel freedom. Welcome to full funnel freedom.

I'm Hamish Knox, your host and guide. On the journey to creating full funnel. If you are a chief revenue officer, vice president of sales, director of sales, or an entrepreneur who aspires to create a sales funnel that consistently repeatably and reliably looks like a funnel instead of a pencil that can be scaled successfully without falling apart on the backend.

Keep lists. Or maybe you're someone who aspires to be in one of those roles. One day, you'll also get the tools and insights to create full funnel freedom, not only now, but when you eventually ascend to one of those roles in each of our episodes, you will get practical tips that you can integrate right away with your team, as well as a bigger picture thought that you can ponder as you go about your.

Sales leader is the toughest role in any organization. The most recent data says that the average tenure of a senior sales leader is 16 to 18 months. And we're getting heat in both directions. From our team. Who's asking us for better pricing, better website, better offers. And from the CEO and the board asking us why sales aren't growing.

Why is retention? So we're also going to give you a little bit of inspiration, especially as we move into our podcast with our guests, who'll be sharing their stories of how they created full funnel freedom in their organizations, through their teams. As you implement what you hear in the podcast, you're going to create that consistent, repeatable, reliable funnel through your people that if you, so desire is ultimately sellable for your number, instead of the number that you're told to do.

One of the biggest fears of any business buyer is when the primary driver of the sales engine leaves does that sales engine go from an eight cylinder down to a two stroke. Now I'm not really a car guy, but I do really understand really big, to really small. So by creating full funnel freedom in your organization, if you eventually want to sell, you're more likely to get your.

These episodes are going to drop every Monday at midnight Eastern time. Because as sales leaders, we have limited amounts of time in our day to grow and support our own personal and professional development. These episodes are going to be less than 15 minutes. If it's me sharing insights with. And once we get to our interview series, where we will be speaking with senior sales leaders who have created full funnel freedom in their organizations, and those episodes will be ideally less than 30 minutes.

So whether it's a tips and insight episode, or whether it's an interview, it's something that you can integrate into your commute a morning break or a quick work. We will be covering everything from how do you get the best people on your team by using a little bit of RNR in your hiring process, to getting the best out of them, by giving them the tools and the freedom to succeed in the role in their way.

With your guidance. Salespeople are like high-performance athletes. They need support and guidance and direction, but then the freedom to get to the mountaintops you've set out in their own form and fashion. We'll certainly be talking about how do you identify. Find qualify close and eventually expand ideal client relationships.

So your sales funnel ends up looking more like an hourglass when we get into land and expand. So who am I? I am a member of the Sandler training network. I was the 2020 David H Sandler award winner. And I really believe in supporting. As many people as I can during my day. In fact, one of the questions I ask is who did I support today?

Now, maybe that was a family member or a friend or colleague or a member of my team here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, or maybe it was a client or even a prospect who I gave insight to who we ultimately decided not to work together, but I was able to support them in some way, my foundational values are achieved.

Support celebration and learning. So through this podcast, I am seeking to touch on at least three of those foundational values. The first of course, being supporting you in achieving full funnel freedom through your team. Celebration to celebrate those sales leaders who are creating full funnel freedom with their teams and learning.

I'm going to learn a ton as I do this podcast, as I interview our guests and also from you and your feedback strongly encourage you to send us feedback review and make comments so we can make this podcast the best it can be for you. I look forward to being on this journey with you. As you get to creating full funnel freedom in your organization, through your team, until we connect at the next episode or eventually offline go lead.

Thank you for listening to fall funnel freedom with Amish knocks. If you want to increase your sales with ease, go to full funnel. Dot com.