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Focus on Productive Sales Capacity With Jen Franklin from Medallia

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050 Focus on Productive Sales Capacity with Jen Franklin from Medallia

Jen Franklin is the Vice President of Sales and Employee Experience at Medallia. She is a collaborative cross-functional GTM leader with over 20 years of experience growing and leading sales teams. Jen's experience is centered around bringing technology that has an impact on human behavior to market for high-growth organizations. We talk about the productive sales capacity framework, the drawbacks of holding onto 'dead' leads, and what needs to be done to close the gender gap in sales and sales leadership.

What You'll Learn:

  • What is productive sales capacity 
  • The concept of experience management in sales
  • Why you need to treat your employees the same way you treat your clients
  • How to set up your sales team for success
  • Women in sales: How to help close the gender gap
  • Best practices for strengthening a skinny sales funnel
  • The difference between coaching and managing in sales leadership
  • The shift from sales reps to trusted advisors
  • The drawbacks of holding on to 'dead' leads
  • Success mindsets for successful salespeople
  • How to navigate difficult conversations using the MEDDIC framework

What counts in productive sales capacity is not how many sales reps are in a team, but how many of them are ramped and productive. If a new sales rep joins the team, the focus now turns to how fast you can get them to full productivity. Finally, you don't want to lose a high-performing sales rep because we all know how expensive turnover can be. 

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  • “Productive sales capacity is the amount of sales all of your trained reps can generate.”